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How to Build a Better Greenbelt

Posted by Josh Kohler on May 27, 2014

How to Build a Better Greenbelt

*– Part 3 of our series on The Big Review –*

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Ontario's Greenbelt Plan was established in 2005, creating a permanently
protected landscape made up of 1.8 million acres of green space,
agricultural land, existing settlements and natural heritage features and
systems. The Greenbelt is a key component of Ontario's growth management
strategy that directs development away from rural areas that contain
significant agricultural assets, environmental systems, natural resources
and recreational opportunities that are central to sustaining a high
quality of life for rapidly-growing communities in the Greater Golden
Horseshoe (GGH). The Greenbelt Plan works along with and reinforces its
sister Plan, the Growth Plan, which provides direction on where and how
growth should occur. As the largest of its kind worldwide, Ontario's
Greenbelt Plan is both an ambitious and contentious piece of legislation
that affects a diverse range of stakeholders from upper, single, and lower
tier municipalities to farmers, residents, businesses and developers.

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